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ControlMAD Advanced Design Center presents its new product: an original LAPTOP BASE model called “96”.


Compared to other conventional bases, our model can be easily disassembled, able to carry it anywhere with your computer. It is also the perfect gift thanks to its originality and variety of design, offering an alternative to boring business gifts. Besides, you can either send us your design or shape with your company image or logo (see “custom design” paragraph below).
Its studied ergonomics allows proper laptop ventilation and relax view of the user, helping to a correct body position while working or enjoying your free time with your laptop.

Except the simplest model in medium-density board, MDF, the base is made of high quality natural wood. Your portable base 96 will be an unique product , since two wood pieces are never the shame, varying tonality and brightness along time.













BUBBLES                                                                           SELVA                                                                                PIRATE
















Custom design: one design for the two pieces +  three letters or recorded patterns + perforated name in right bottom to 10 characters (font type as standard models). It will be necessary to send to info@controlmad.com a CAD file (. dwg,.pdf, .dxf, .3 ds, .ai, etc …).

Price for 1 to 5 units: unit price standard model + 45 €











We have various rates depending on the material you want. Our pre-design model cost 12 Eur in MDF, 75 Eur in Cherry-tree and 250 Eur in Ebony.
















If you are interested in any LAPTOP BASE model contact us.



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